Basska • Expirat • 31.03

Joi, 31.03.2022
Open doors: 19:00. Live: 21:00
Expirat, Halele Carol
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Basska, a Romanian based live band, founded in 2013, pushes the limits of music by mixing styles and live instruments, frantically rocking scenes of the biggest music festivals in Romania and abroad.
Basska is the on-stage embodiment of eight artists coming from various musical backgrounds, with quite different influences on style and delivery, that manage to perfect the final sound of their music with the personal touch of each member:
Yardie Flo (vocal), Vapor (MC), Sarmis Dumitrescu (guitar, backing vocals), Cristian “Copilu” Scurtu (bass), Mihai “Kurkanu” Para (drums), Adelin Dragu (percussion, samples), Peter Perantz (keys), and Georgian “Lorin” Lepadatu (sax)
From hip-hop to reggae, rock, dub or drum and bass, the melange of genres, combined with the fluidity of the performance and the flexibility of the performers, truly define the Basska sound.
Basska entered “Culese din Cartier” music crew in 2018 where they started working with Bean MC from Subcarpati as the main producer. With his support and inspiration from the whole crew the sound keeps growing to new levels.
Some people may say that’s Balkan Rock, others might say it’s classic dub. Definitions are irrelevant, as they only limit possibilities of musical exploration and experimentation and the main goal of the band is to constantly push and break these kind of barriers.
Chiar dacă restricțiile s-au ridicat, vom trăi în continuare cu COVID-19, așa că ai grijă de tine și de cei din jur! Noi îți recomandăm să porți în continuare masca de protecție în interior și în zonele aglomerate.
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Mar 31 2022


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Halele Carol


Halele Carol
Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București, 040542, România
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