Black Rhino pres. Egoless Live (HR) / 08.11

Thursday 08.11. 23:00 hours
After the Implant Pentru Refuz concert
King Size drinks all night long

Egoless was born in 1984 in Croatia (Yugoslavia) when (after Tito’s death) the country was slowly preparing for a bloodshed which cumulated in the beginning of the 90’s, exposing the worst in human beings, turning the thieves and the wicked ones into moral authorities who took over the country to this day. From an early age music was an escape from harsh reality that was surrounding him, and very soon, after discovering punk & rock around 1997 he started his first band, and did his first gigs from an age of 14.

After moving to the capital (Zagreb, where he resides to this day) he instantly got hooked to dub, reggae and especially jungle music, through Goldie’s ‘Timeless’ album and shortly after that in 2002 started getting into music production doing dub, reggae, jungle and some experimental music while still playing and touring with various bands as a keyboardist, guitarist or sound engineer.

In 2009. he started the Egoless project with ‘No Ego, No Problems EP’, but quickly started combining dub and dubstep music into one organic whole, while keeping both foundations of styles intact, utilising old Jamaican dub techniques and hardware (analog mixer, tape, tape echoes, spring reverbs, instruments). In the same spirit he is performing live utilizing the same techniques.

After 2012 and his first vinyl release and recognition, he never looked back and dedicated himself solely to the project. After countless successful vinyl & digital releases and remixes for highly respected labels in the scene such as System, Scrub a Dub, Zam Zam, Lion Charge, Blacklist and gigs, festivals and tours all around the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Canada and Russia he is signed and set to release music on Mala’s influential Deep Medi Musik label and continues to play gigs all around.



Based in Bucharest, Low Freq is active on the music scene for over 15 years. Music producer, DJ and promoter, Low Freq combines elements of bass music with strong industrial synths, continuously searching to explore the sound. Along the years Low Freq played in groups such as Blanoz and Shadowbox and since 2014 he started the band Dream Diggers. Alongside Dani, Low Freq is also operator for Irie Warriors Sound System. 2017 is the year Low Freq formed Black Rhino Music, a group of musicians, promoters and visual artists, dedicated to promoting the culture behind the sound.



Raised in the city of Bucharest, Concept is the man that can swing one’s mood in a perpetual form. His performance is marked by heavy beat tempos mixed with spiritual dubstep rhythms converting the dancefloor into a mysterious landscape.



Coming from a background of hip hop, reggae and bass music, Loose and dubstep fell in love with each other over 10 years ago. The duo is still waiting for the government to pass a bill in order to get married legally. Meanwhile, Loose has started getting some on the side with some other bpm ranges. To be continued.



Nov 08 2018


11:00 pm - 11:55 pm




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Halele Carol


Halele Carol
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