Black Rhino pres. Ishan Sound (UK) / 06.12

Ishan Sound (UK) / Kaya Foundation Crew / ZO / Alienmade
6th of December / Expirat
Starting 23:00 hours / Ticket: 30 lei

We are happy to announce our last monthly residence for this year in club Expirat will focus on a journey into bass music. From roots reggae to dubstep this session is dedicated to the low frequencies and the culture behind the sound.

Ishan Sound

Bristol based DJ and producer, part of the Young Echo collective, Ishan Sound has helped sculpt an array of music that gleefully exists on the more experimental edges of music, but his solo output under the Ishan Sound name has quite a specific and direct intention. Piled full of low end then riddled with interesting melodies and chunky percussive elements his music belongs in dark rooms, played loud on muscled soundsystems that can replicate the dense sense of dread that he writes and captures. Ishan Sound has released music on labels such as Young Echo, Peng Sound, Zam Zam and Tectonic.

Kaya Foundation Crew

Kaya Foundation is one of the first reggae groups established in Romania. Starting its activity in 2008, Kaya always pushed the reggae movement forward through their dances, music selection and their dedication to conscious roots reggae and dub music. In 2009 Kaya built Kogaion Sound System, the first local sound. Pushing the militant rockers rhythm even further, Kaya became an emblematic name for the Romanian scene of reggae music. For nine years now, they kept organizing dances and build strong communities around their annual festival: One Love.


Music promoter and DJ based in Cluj Napoca, ZO started making a name for himself by promoting bass music in Cluj. For seven years now, he pushes the scene forward booking names such as D Double E, Loefah, Flava D, Kromestar, Commodo, just to name a few. Step by step he started to DJ, experimenting with all kind of tempos and genres. Each of his sets is dancefloor oriented so be prepared to be amazed by his selection.


Born and raised in Bucharest, the half-Romanian, half-intergalactic DJ and producer Alienmade started his activity around 2011. Recently signed at the Romanian label Dirty Beats with a powerful remix for High Kulture & Unda Sinista’s ‘Bass Era’, made him produce more music and collaborate with different promising dubstep artists such as Kodama or Ego Death. Slamming in with dark, minimalistic dub-induced sets, he is keeping his journey alive and diverse, providing a cracked window into the deep space of 140 bpm music.


Dec 06 2018


11:00 pm


30 lei (at the door)


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Halele Carol


Halele Carol
Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București, 040542, România
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