More Or Mess / 30-31.08

Friday / Saturday. 30-31.08
Expirat Halele Carol.
Terrace opens at 18:00. Free entry.

– sometimes used as and adjective, adverb or determiner
– slang for:
1. enjoying the dancefloor at its full rhythmic potential
2. tasting the gin & tonics, signature cocktails and midnight shots, all in one night
3. explaining to your friends why you’re still up at 8AM
4. two all nighters in a row


Aug 30 2019


09:00 PM


Free entry

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Halele Carol


Halele Carol
Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București, 040542, România

Adresa: Str. Constantin Istrati 1, Sector 4, 040542, Bucharest
Phone: 073EXPIRAT