Sasha’s Uncles / 17.04

Marți, 17.04. 9PM.

Friends since forever and die hard indie rock fans, Mihai (lead singer), Mărgărit (guitar) and Gio (drums) founded Sahsa’s Uncles 6 years ago, out of pure passion for music. The music added more layers to their friendship, and their enthusiasm gave them some pretty intense scenarios for their everyday life. Specially in the evenings and in the late night jams, when they forget corporate life and rehearse. The band was completed since then by Andrei (guitar) and Dorel (bass).

Although blazing their own personal trail, the 5 Sasha’s Uncles proudly wear their unfluences on their sleeve. Inspired by the unrivaled titans of 70s rock, by their range, and above all, heaviness, the bandmates believe that Led Zeppelin are the ones who gave meaning to their music. Beatles counts as one of their greatests love, while icons like The Cure, The Police or James have galvanized their sound. It’s however British legend The Smiths, maybe the single most influential band of the ’80s, who remains their main source of inspiration. The deep poetic Johnny Marr’s guitar, Morrissey’s arch songwriting have left a mark: from melancholy to upbeat, from defiant to uplifting, Sasha’s Uncles lyrics (exclusively in English) are dense and evocative, allowing the contemplation of every word and feeling, enhancing the juxtaposition of adulthood and youth, of internal identity and external presentation.

Since 2017, the band has been working on their first album. It’s a constant exercise in experimentation: their searches lead to a sound defined by sophisticated, melodic solos and bold, grawling bass riffs (Andrei & Dorel). The happy-end? An indie rock disc, still unnamed, still in the making, soul filled, with music writen by Margarit, and a lyrical backbone signed by Mihai. The group does all of its own production, an approach that allows it to put as much time into a song as it needs to.

Friday Night:

Doru Trăşcău, the lead singer of The Mono Jacks, will join Sasha’s Uncles on stage as a guest.

Free entrance.


Apr 17 2018


9:00 pm - 11:55 pm


Free Entrance


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Halele Carol
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