Drums w. Barac, Gescu, Cally / 19.07

This is one for the books, with some surprises incoming.

Drums w. Herodot & Guy From Downstairs / 21.06

Longest day of the year comes with a no curfew afterparty

Martin Audio sound
Outdoor gourmet bites
Two terraces
King Size drinks
Can do attitude

Cover art by Romanian Club Culture

Drums w. Barac & Costin Rp / 24.05

Thursday nights re-invented, that's what we propose. Superior sound, extended hours, deals at the bar & a new space to enjoy the basics of events at their best. Attention to detail matters.

Not just the night itself, but starting early with afterwork cocktails and gourmet bites on the terrace. Furthermore we will not impose a curfew, so we can enjoy ourselves longer.

The location? Placed in a reinvented space of creativity, a formerly abandoned communist factory will be the playground for a Bucharest residency starting this coming May.

Martin audio sound, 270 degrees visual candy, modularly adaptable space and an acoustically treated room to cater for a high quality micro sound output, at the border of a green space in the urban universe of Bucharest.