Telekom Electronic Beats Festival / 13-16.06

Între 13 și 16 iunie are loc în București o nouă ediție Telekom Electronic Beats Festival, în clubul Expirat Halele Carol și în cadrul Platforma Wolff.

Pe lângă muzică, Telekom Electronic Beats Festival va integra un Lifestyle Market pe timpul zilei, în sala Galvanizare de la Halele Carol, cu artiști care își vor vinde acolo creațiile din zona de fashion, design, artă și multe altele.

Un pop-up store al casei de discuri germane Kompakt va fi de asemenea la fața locului.

★★★ LINE UP: ★★★

★ 13 IUNIE:
Expirat: ✫
Karpov not Kasparov

✫ Outdoor Area Expirat: ✫ that couch funk collective

★ 14 IUNIE:
Platforma Wolff: ✫
Epikur (Livestream)
DJ Assam b2b Liem (Livestream)
Donna Leake (Livestream)
Donna Leake

Expirat - Lehult showcase: ✫
DJ Seinfeld
DJ Assam b2b Liem

✫ Outdoor Area Expirat: ✫ Luca & Carol

★ 15 IUNIE:
Platforma Wolff: ✫
Nipple's Delight
Raphael Top-Secret

Expirat - Discwoman showcase: ✫

✫ Outdoor Area Expirat: ✫ Calin & iO

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50% din vânzarea fiecărui bilet va merge către Teach for Romania, un ONG care pregătește profesori pentru a deveni modele inspiraționale pentru elevii din mediile defavorizate.

Platforma Wolff pres. Interstellar Funk (NL) / 25.10

Thursday 25.10. 22:00

Platforma Wolff curated event in Expirat

• • •

Interstellar Funk (Rush Hour - Amsterdam)

Olf van Elden is Interstellar Funk, a young Dutch producer whose sound stands out because of its imperfections, its human warmth and its rough charm. Full of timeless melody that really makes you feel something, both his productions and his DJ sets are daring and thought provoking, always, marrying up new school sounds with the roots of house and techno, as well as dropping in the occasional new wave along the way.

His first head turning release came on Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct label and was swiftly and ably followed up by an impressive string of tracks on a number of Tape Records sampler EPs. It is here that he has proven his worth amongst a glut of fellow upcoming Dutch producers as the label is part of an Amsterdam collective renowned for its vibrant contributions to the alternative sides of local club culture

Interstellar Funk contributes to his native scene in many other ways, too, and not only as a former resident of the legendary Trouw club, but also thanks to his work for the Rush Hour family. As well as releasing a second new EP with the definitive label in 2015, he is also in charge of searching out new music for the label each and every week.

Interstellar Funk might only just be starting out on his musical journey, but already he has laid down some impressive ground work, both in the studio and in the club, and that is set to continue long into the future.

Romansoff (Raw Tools)

• • •

22:00 hours
Venue is Expirat, located within the Halele Carol complex
Martin Audio sound
Tickets available at the door: 20 lei
King Size drinks (500 ml at the price of 250 ml) at the bar all night long
Be positive. Be open minded


Romansoff & Nipple's Delight / 28.07

Friday 28.07. 9PM. Terrace

It’s way too hot anyway. Why stay in?
Come down. We’re on the terrace where the air is breathable and the nights are long.

Raw Tools SoundCloud

Nipple's Delight

Sala Compresoarelor and the indoor bar are open as well on Friday and Saturday.
Free entrance.

Romansoff / Eirwud Mudwasser / Borac / Nipple's Delight / 28-30.04

Vineri, sâmbătă și duminică, 28-29-30.04. 7PM. Terrace.

1st of May weekend at Expirat Halele Carol.
Nice and sleazy. Friday to Sunday. On the terrace. Start early at 7PM. Carry on till late.

Friday 28.04

▷ Romansoff (Raw Tools)

▷ Eirwud Mudwasser

Saturday 29.04

▷ Borac (Rotopercutor)

▷ Cristina C.

Sunday 30.04

▷ Nipple’s Delight