Mr. Jaz (FR) AT NOON / 22.06

Daytime • Downtown • Party
Open Doors: 12:00

Time for something new! Join us on Saturday #atnoon in the lovely garden terrace at Expirat for a daytime mix of #vrtw music, great drinks and friendly people. Tasty food will be around!

We are family friendly! Kids and teenagers (under 18) must be accompanied and their entrance is free of charge.

• Tickets •
30 ron PRESALE on
50 ron ON SITE

• Line-up •
12:00 VRTW VA
14:00 TZUC
17:00 Jaz Stephen aka Mr. JAZ
20:00 UFe

Don’t look at the time, sun is still up.
Some glasses of wine have already gone by.
Time to move to the groove!
Who cares? It’s Saturday.


Resident at Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, Mr. JAZ presents himself as a world citizen that openly shows his love without any reservation for “Worldwide” by Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay. His vocation was born by listening to Radio Nova and by participating at Couleur’s 3 show ‘Metissage’ in the 90s. After that, he devoted his life to music and inner desire of sharing it. 10 years later he finds himself on several scenes and festivals, opening the scenes to important headliners.

He is definitely your go-to guy when in mood for funky tunes on the French Riviera!


UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical genres that create a unique style resisting categorization. When he’s not digging for old grooves or blue breakbeats, you can find him in the studio meticulously sound sculpturing.


Tzuc studied piano and guitar at an early age and was introduced to DJing around 2009. The same year he was invited to play at a dub & roots event held in an abandoned warehouse in Bucharest. He then becomes a regular at local parties and festivals, and soon after he hosts a radio show on GrooveOn, a local platform meant to connect local DJs and music lovers.
His years of digging and experience have created in Tzuc a versatility that has grown steadily, making him a serious selector able to understand the crowd and provide heavy dancing with pure emotion.

VRTW Beach Diggin / 28-29.07

Here comes the sun along with Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine!

Our favourite groove-makers are back on our beach, at Expirat, Vama Veche.
We're preparing a very warm & wet & chill & sticky daytime thing to feed your Summer mood during the day on Saturday and Sunday and a hot & sleazy afterhours party on Sunday morning.

"Warm & Wet & Chill & Sticky" (daytime) - Saturday & Sunday.
"Here Comes the Sun!" (afterhours) - Sunday at sunrise.


We’re shouting to the world,
Come and see what we have to show!
Releases, new content & spectacular acts!

Performances by our dear friends & family of VRTW Artists • Mitch Alive & Yatziv Caspi (DE, Live) • UFe • Alizarina (FR, Live) • Taraf de Caliu (Live) •Rammon • Kosmic Blues (Live) • Alt Om • Andrei Puiu • Tzuc • Bully • Nipple's Delight • The Rabbit King • that couch funk collective • Heion •Kosta - AWD House / Duro Disco • Zicu • Borac •

FIRST PRESS is guestlist only!

You must register here for participation:

// Stages & Schedule //

• On the Terrace •
19:00 Andrei Puiu
20:00 UFe
21:00 Rammon
22:00 Alizarina (FR, Live)
02:00 that couch funk collective

• Sala Compresoarelor •
23:00 Kosmic Blues (Live)
00:00 Mitch Alive & Yatziv Caspi (DE, Live)
01:00 Taraf de Caliu (Live)

• Wolff Backdoor Stage •
19:00 Alt Om
20:00 Tzuc
21:00 Bully
22:00 Zicu
23:00 Nipple's Delight
00:00 Heion
01:00 Kosta - AWD House / Duro Disco
02:00 The Rabbit King
03:00 Borac

Expirat, Vama Veche: VRTW Back to Beach / 24.06

The waves are calling us, the sand is warm, we feel the breeze so we’re heading for the beach!
Come to our oasis of jazz, soul, rock & roll, funk, world music, disco and much more. Have some wine. Bring your own records for showcasing. Be friendly. Meet fun people. Be your social self. This is what we’re all about!

Listening to a vinyl record is a labor of love that brings people together. Analogue recordings are vibrant and dynamic, and they're the closest thing to having Jimi Hendrix sing before you.

For a few hours, plan to forget digital, processed, targeted, business driven, compressed sounds, and enjoy the music like it was meant to be enjoyed.

++ Curators: Rammon, VRTW VA
++ Guests: Bring 'em on! You are welcome to showcase your vinyl collection. Bring some records along and hold them proud!

VRTW Artists: Migrations Showcase / 08.06

Joi, 08.06. 9PM

It’s time for Migrations. From South to North, from East to West, guided by the Sun. Join our second label journey of musical discovery, from tropical sounds to funky breaks and soulful acts.

Mr. Goju / Migrations Radio Show, our special guest, will bring his dancy beats from Montenegro to Bucharest. Hosts: UFe & Rammon. We will open the windows and let music migrate from indoor to outdoor and back. Prepare for a full Sun & Moon party.

Entrance fee: 15 lei, at the terrace

Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine is an independent record label, booking agency and events platform. We are a family of artists driven by discovering and performing musical tales and creating authentic content.

About Mr. Goju

Mr. Goju, the man behind Migrations Radio show has been delivering a modern view on contemporary styles for a decade now. Genres such as broken beat, house, modern funk, soul, swing & jazz became redefined but with real masters, the true originators, in mind.
Throughout the years the show gained international popularity and following, leading to collaborations with many radio stations, labels, and fans worldwide.

About UFe

UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical influences and genres that create a unique style which resists easy categorization. From the ancestral rhythms of Africa and the tropical sounds of Latin America, to the jazz and funk breaks that made the foundation of hip hop, plus some of the electronic music currently enjoying a vogue, many elements have helped shape his style into an admirably eclectic music.

UFe is also an accomplished producer, experiments with percussion and is currently involved in live projects such as Kosmic Blues and Groove Club.

About Rammon

Born from misunderstood beats of techno and coming from Constanta, Rammon has been taking sunbaths in the most exotic musical beaches for 12 years now.He is one of the co-founders of the already famous Berlin Club and of the super musical group Constanta Funk Collective. With such a diverse background, no wonder each of his sets is an overbalancing cocktail of disco, funk, blues, jazz, bossa nova and other styles of dance created with the flow!


Expirat 15 - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine / 27.05

Sâmbătă, 27.05, pe timp de zi.

We get the call and there's no shakin’ it!

We hear the waves, we feel the sand under our feet, we dream of the beach.
We can almost taste the mojito.
We're stretching the beginning of Summer and heading for the beach in Vama Veche. Expirat turns 15!

Come to our oasis of jazz, soul, rock & roll, funk, world music, disco and much more. Have some wine. Bring your own records for showcasing. Be friendly. Meet fun people. Be your social self. This is what we’re all about!

Curators: Alt Om, DJ Bully
Guests: Bring'em on! Carrying vinyl on the beach and eager to play.